Today, added 14 cool, useful new gadgets in three categories: products for dogs and cats, items for health and well-being, and innovative tools for home and garden. For example, the Trax Retractable Leash uses a trigger to lock and unlock the leash. Just pull it to lock; pull again to unlock. So simple and easy. Works great!

Besides the Trax Leash, introduced six other unique pet products.

Does your husband snore so loudly that it drowns out the sound of your smoke alarm? Does your hubby suffer from sleep apnea? Do you suffer from neck and back pain when you wake up or during the day? The Side Solution Pillow has helped many people fix these problems.

Here is how:
A. It is a fact that people who sleep on their back snore significantly more. Side sleepers snore less or not at all. With the Side Solution Pillow, you can sleep comfortably on your side.
B. But with standard pillows, side sleepers often get neck and back pain. With the Side Solution Pillow, you can adjust its height so your spine, neck and head are aligned. In addition, its curved indentation is shaped for the curves of the shoulder, neck and head.

I think the coolest feature is that it’s naturally odor-resistant due to integrated green tea, activated charcoalĀ and castor oil. The Side Solution Pillow is another helpful product now available in the Health and Wellness category.

In my next post, I will talk about one cool product in the tools category.

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