Have you ever had an amazing idea while in the shower only to forget it a few moments after? Never let another one of those bright ideas wash away.

What you need is AquaNotes!  These notepads are waterproof so that even while you’re in the shower, in the rain, or other wet places, you can safely write down your bright ideas and have them safely saved. Water rolls off the recyclable and eco-friendly paper, instead of soaking into the paper. The notepad is so durable that you can write on it under the sea.

AquaNotes is printed using soy-based ink and made in USA. Each notepad is 3″ x 5″ with 40 sheets. You can easily detach the sheets because the notepad is perforated at the top. AquaNotes quickly and easily attaches to any smooth surface with its two suction cups.

Each AquaNotes order includes a standard #2 pencil with a specially-made suction cup to slide, hold and grab the pencil. This way the pencil is close at hand to use to capture your thoughts.

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The people who use AquaNotes

Boyfriends, girlfriends, wives, husbands, partners and lovers of all kinds

It’s just so sweet and thoughtful to leave a note for your significant other right in the shower! A delightful way to leave love messages, inspiring words, or sentimental thoughts. A perfect wedding or bridal shower gift.

Creative Typesaquanotes-for-doodlers-creative-artists

Bring out your fun and artistic nature in the shower! Sketch, draw, doodle whatever your thoughts are at the moment.

Shower Geniuses

If you find that you get some of your brightest insights and ideas in the solitude and tranquility of shower time, then AquaNotes is perfect for you. These waterproof notepads help you catch and save those ideas before you forget them.

aquanotes-for-families-shoppingActive Families

Families are active now more than ever! AquaNotes helps in time management as they allow you to use shower time to get your thoughts in order, organize to-do lists, and schedule your errands for the day. Leave notes and reminders for family members. Or, simply soothe your soul by doodling, sketching or drawing in the shower.

Busy Students

Students can now be efficient as they shower! They can use AquaNotes to plan the outline or next points of your research paper. Or, write down school project ideas, thoughts and tasks, or messages to roommates. Give the gift of fun notetaking to your favorite student today.

Boaters and Sailorsaquanotes-for-boaters-sailors

Whether you have a sailboat, motorboat, or a yacht, Aqua Notes offers you a convenient way to record the day’s adventures and happenings without the worry of soggy paper that you normally get when writing on normal paper.

Road Crew and Construction Foremen, Engineers, and other Outdoor Workersaquanotes-for-construction-road-crew

Wet weather need not dampen your work pace. AquaNotes lets you conveniently write notes, records and sketches, without the worry and annoyance of soaked conventional paper. AquaNotes is your all-weather notepad…rain or shine!

hikers-and-bikersAdventure-Seekers: Divers, Hikers, Bikers (the bicycle type)  and Bikers (the motorcyle, superbike and Harley type)

Carry AquaNotes as you hike that trail, explore the wilderness, pedal to enjoy the outdoors, or ride your bike to those wonderful destinations! Never leave a detail of your adventure unwritten even during the drizzle. With your AquaNotes, write it down in good or bad weather.

Buy AquaNotes here.

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