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Gadget Nation-book-cover300x300 Have you ever heard of an ice cream cone that spins for you? 

Curious about bird diapers??

Searching for a Kosher Lamp for your home?

What about slippers that feature built-in headlights?

Or a toilet paper holder that talks?!

Good news! These gadgets are real, functional stuff to make your everyday living a lot more comfortable and fun. And, you can buy them today. (Many are sold on our store.)

We simply love our gadgets, don’t we? That’s why Gadget Nation tells the story of the brilliant men and women who have exerted so much time, effort and money (even tapping their 401k) just to turn their gadget concept into a stampede.

Steve Greenberg, called “The Innovation Insider”, journied around the country on the lookout for smart, off-beat, avant-garde products. His travels into the depths of American ingenuity led him to hundreds of garage inventors, the grass-roots of invention. Steve spent years observing and exploring in this often peculiar industry. The result is the book Gadget Nation, featuring of over 100 quirky, surprising innovations from garage inventors across the country. It’s a visual showcase of American’s can-do creative energy and spirit.

Yes, you’ll see scary examples of gadgets gone terribly astray, but the rest of them will amaze, entertain, and possibly make you a laughing, happy camper!

One fascinating aspect of each inventor’s story is which inventors made money. Logic doesn’t seem to always work in this quirky world. An odd product that you might think is impractical and useless could be earning millions. Yet, another product that seems really ingenious might be a market failure.

We love our gadgets, and after reading Gadget Nation, you’ll understand the deep affection and respect we have for the inventors behind our gadget nation.


Steve Greenberg, born into a family of patent filers, has always praised and respected the world’s inventors. He is what you can call an “invention groupie”. That fascination for invention inspired Steve to write about garage inventors. Steve is still traveling the nation in search of innovative products. That’s how he earned the title, “The Innovation Insider”.

Almost every month, Steve demonstrates these innovative products in the top US market areas: Chicago, Washington D.C., New York City, Houston and Philadelphia.

Steve is also featured on national TV programs like Fox & Friends, ABC’s World News This Morning and World News Now, and others.

For three years every weeknight, Steve was on national television demonstrating innovative products on the Discovery Channel’s Your New House. For six years, Steve presented on HGTV’s popular Dream Builders. For Dream Builders, Steve traveled throughout the country and showcased the latest in home construction, design, and trends. For five years, HGTV also used Steve’s reporting talents to cover the most notable home improvement products on NAHB’s International Builders Show. Steve was also a judge for the Search for Invention contest by Hammacher-Schlemmer.

Steve writes for several websites, newspapers and magazines. His “Innovation Insider” features appear in ROOMS magazine, Smart Homeowner magazine, the Miami Herald, Backyard Living, Log Home Living,, and others.

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