No need to avoid having a nice tanned look with ShowerTan at

Don’t let your need to protect your skin make you pale. Get a ShowerTan.

Miami, FL, 24th July, 2012– offers an in-home use ShowerTan spray application which will save tan fans hundreds of dollars a year in salon fees.

ShowerTan does not use harmful UV-rays which can cause premature aging and cancer. The ShowerTan tan looks completely natural and professional. Also, ShowerTan is a completely safe method of application used in a tanner’s own home. The large money savings are clearly a major pull for users considering switching from their salon tan to a home spray tan. ShowerTan owners will save $381 in the first year alone, and up to $700 per year after that, when compared to the average salon fee of $55 per month.

ShowerTan works by misting your entire body with a clear, safe tanning solution for a short period, around 20 seconds. This solution will develop into a golden tan in 8 to 12 hours, lasting around a week. With no electrical parts in the product applicator, ShowerTan is completely safe to use. Since ShowerTan is a spray, there is no risk of uneven application by hand, as can be the case when applying a foam or lotion tan. And ShowerTan owners use it in the privacy of your own shower. No need to waste time and gas to drive to a tanning salon.

Customers everywhere are approving of ShowerTan. Tracy Jensen from Miami Beach said, “Everyone here in Miami is very tan. I spent $840 last year on tanning bed fees trying to keep up my tan. Besides the expense, I got a little worried about skin cancer. So, I bought ShowerTan from I love the money I save.”

When Jensen was asked about how it looks, she replied, “I really don’t see any difference between it and a real tan. I have to admit that I was worried that the ShowerTan would look fake. Not at all. I think it looks natural and sexy.”

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