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As Skin Cancer Concerns Mount, Tanning Bed Users Seek Safer Options

MIAMI BEACH, Fla., March 16, 2012 – As evidence mounts that tanning beds dramatically contribute to skin cancer risk, lawmakers from Idaho to Maine are sponsoring legislation aimed at restricting tanning bed use and protecting users from skin cancer. A Congressional report released Feb. 1 cites the need for even further protection, particularly for vulnerable young users of tanning beds. In a statement commenting on the report, Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y., labeled tanning beds “brightly lit, cancer-causing coffins.” The risk of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, increases to 75 percent for those who begin indoor tanning before age 30.

In the wake of this disturbing data, the US-based website presents a safe alternative: ShowerTan at A new-generation tanning system that substitutes high-pressure mist for high-risk exposure, ShowerTan is used in the home shower. The system offers users the benefits of a professional airbrushed tan at significant savings over salon prices. Users also enjoy the added privacy and convenience of home use.

The ShowerTan effect is a safe, even tan achieved through the precision application of a proprietary emollient-rich solution. Instead of damaging and aging skin as tanning beds do, ShowerTan’s clear solution conditions and improves skin. It provides a healthy glow that actually is healthy. sells the ShowerTan system with a money-back guarantee. The included starter kit contains ample tanning solution for four full-body tans. The website carries refill solutions, tan extender and bronzer sprays and accessories, all at reasonable prices.

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Congressional report:

75 percent cancer:

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