In December 2010 launched a new online webstore selling unusual and funny gadgets. Worldwide, there is a massive adoption of gadgets. As an indication of our tech-loving world, people are beginning to “…treat their multi-tasking hand-held gadgets almost like a body part. More than eight-in-ten say they sleep with a cell phone by the bed…” according to MediaPost. Gadgets have become an integral part of our lives.

Pet gadgets, parent products, eco gizmos, cyber security stuff, and more are available at Take cybersecurity for example. Even if the connection between your computer and a webstore is secured with SSL, your card data will travel through your computer (and is vulnerable) before being sent. Did you land at a phishing site by mistake? Is your PC infected with a keylogger? You are in trouble. Solution: SmartSwipe encrypts your credit card data instantly, so it never exists in an unencrypted state.

Not all gadgets at are electronics, though. Innovation comes in many forms. One of the most popular low-tech products is the portable kitty litter box. It folds up to a smaller, portable size, making it perfect for jet-setting cat travelers and the rugged campers cats. (Yes, they do exist….I have one.)

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